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As part of its normal research and data processing, Shore Group harvests an extraordinary amount of data which it makes available by subscription.  Companies wishing to utilize this data, can license data and incorporate into their own offerings.

Data to License

Global Corporate  Officers & Directors

  • 16k global companies
  • Corporate actions managed daily (people movement & company events (M&A, IPOs, etc.))
  • 110k global individuals/contacts
  • Active, direct email addresses for 70%, and direct phone numbers for 15%
  • Officers/Executive roles collected (beyond Directors): CEO, CFO, Corporate Secretary, General Counsel, Treasurer, Investor Relations Officer, Corporate Development/Strategy
  • Contact information (address, phone, email, age, gender, expertise, company, website)

Governance & Compensation Data

  • 50k Board committees associated with a contact
  • Bios, including education, other board affiliations, age, gender, board expertise
  • Compensation (salary, bonus, options, etc.) for 32k contacts (3 years of history by mid-2016)
  • Auditor details (fees, auditor, etc.) for 3.5k companies

Financial Sponsors

  • 2k of largest PE & VC firms (10k by end of 2016)
  • 30k contacts related to these PE & VC firms (110k by end of 2016)
  • Firm data
    • Investment style: industry, security type, stage, deal size, and geographical preferences
    • Demographics: physical address, website, type (PE/VC), founding year, main email & phone number, description/background, and a link to portfolio companies
  • Contact data
    • Investment style and demographic data as listed above
    • Demographics expanded to include gender, title & role, biography, email address (using Shore's proprietary derivation technique if not publicly-available), and direct phone number (direct phone coverage rate is ~50%)
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