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Shore leverages it's vast experience and SME knowledge in the Financial Services space to provide FinTech companies with the services they need to expand their capabilities and improved better products and increased capabilities.

Healthcare & Insurance

Properly managing and securing data, especially PHI, is critical in the Healthcare & Insurance Industry. Shore has helped companies design and implement processes and tools to allow for the secure management of sensitive health-related data between Patients, Providers, Brokers and Insurance Companies.

Financial Services

We created Shore Group because we ourselves spent many years in the financial industry (including Global Banks and Hedge Funds) building dynamic information databases, custom applications and associated products. We also have experience in creating teams of resources to carry out the technical work in addition to the research and quality control of the information. We have created several domestic and offshore teams and are familiar with the challenges of building such teams and managing them in terms of quality, growth and communications.


Universities and Academia Software Companies utilize Shore for both Research & Data Management and Application Development services. Shore has lent it's expertise in transforming thousands of paper based information, such as CVs, to useable and actionable data housed within databases and third-party applications.

Why Shore Group?

Understanding the Information and Business

What makes us unique is that we not only understand the information and the business needs, but we also know how to define and manage projects. Our experience is in providing measurable deliverables. Because of our background and experience, we are able to provide clients a level of knowledge and recommendations for executing business plans that few service providers are able to offer.

Quality and Flexibility

We have worked in aggressive environments where requirements are constantly changing and where the development team isexpected to understand the information and provide feedback proactively. We believe that it is more important to provide work that is useful and meaningful to your specific business. One of the most compelling aspects of working with Shore Group is that we expect many of the transformative ideas to come as much from us as from our clients, thereby creating a substantial, successful think tank.

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