Our secret sauce is our blend of proprietary technology and large team of expert researchers. This unique combination of domain expertise and cutting-edge technology has enabled us to efficiently deliver world-class quality data to our clients time and time again.


Web Scraping

Efficiently pull data from websites and leverage the power of Google to find and collect the data you need. Easily maintain this data moving forward by continuously monitoring these websites as well. This technology is custom-built to specifically fit your needs.


Optical Character Recognition

Extract crucial data from PDFs and other image-based sources, into a normalized database you can feed into your product or models. We’re comfortable working with difficult formats and tailor the technology to your specific needs.


Expert Researchers

Our large team of experienced researchers have worked on hundreds of projects for the leading financial services, technology, insurance, healthcare, pharmaceutical, and education companies over the last decade. Our domain experts and proprietary data management tools enable us to deliver world-class quality in a cost-efficient way.

Interested in learning more about our process and how we can help you collect data more efficiently?