Shore Group offers a suite of datasets, products, and services designed to let you gain unprecedented insights into the world of academic research.  Keep a pulse on thought leaders, emerging trends, and analyze impact of funding and findings across the biomedical universe.


Actionable, contextualized results

We capture meaningful data that paints the most informative picture of experts and leaders in both research and clinical practice. Our disambiguated database of researcher profiles contains patents, grants, and clinical trials to allow users to leverage data for the best funding and assessment decisions.



Search and Refine

Go big or get granular with the ability to filter and sort results using goal-driven criteria.  Adjust your ideal search parameters to find exactly who or what you are looking to begin analyzing possibilities for collaboration and research outcomes.



Configure How You Define Influence

Defining success in perspective or past research initiatives is a challenge in its own right. While we offer our own presets to help you analyze the vast sea of research metadata, we understand that sometimes only you can know what kind of metrics are most valuable based on your own goals.  


Understand Relationship Science

Understanding biblio- and scientometrics is one way to get a proxy-measure for scholarly impact, but the specifics of who, how, and where those spheres of influence operate are just as critical to strategy and growth.

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Highlighted Use-Cases


Augmented Internal Datasets

By applying our technology to your dataset we can enrich any profiles with scholarly activity such as therapeutic area, journal articles, grants, patents, trials, open payments and much more.


Bespoke Expert Datasets

Let us curate extensive profiles and key analytics to suggest top collaborators and experts that suit your specific interests in the biomedical sciences.


KOL Engagement

Work with us to enrich and grow your KOL database.


Open Innovation + Basic Research

Broadcast RFP’s and challenges to specialty audiences, hone in on the latest paradigm-shifts, and find talent in academia for advising and partnering.

Disambiguation Solutions

Leverage our proprietary technology to match researchers to the correct journal articles and grants.


Competitive Analysis + Landscaping

Stay ahead of the trends by using our data to detect emerging or underfunded research disciplines, rising stars in a given field, new methods and tools, and much more.

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