Physician data degrades about 1-3% per month, so it's no surprise 45% of payers display multiple inaccuracies on their provider directory.*

Leverage the power of the largest, disambiguated physician dataset in the world to maintain an accurate and up to date provider directory. 



Analyze, clean, and standardize your existing provider data.


Map your existing provider data to ours, updating outdated information and appending additional information. 


Provide you with a clean data feed that includes accurate, up to date data each month. 



1.1 mil +


200,000 +

Clinical Trials

40 mil +


Reduce Costs 

Maintaining an accurate and up to date provider directory can be expensive. Save money by using our streamlined process to easily keep your provider directory up to date with accurate information.

Improve Data Quality

Our data is updated by hand, every day. We leverage a combination of technology and a large team of expert researchers to verify any changes and ensure our clients have the most accurate, up to date data available.

Enhance Member Experience

We include valuable information from a variety of sources, including specialty information, NPI, hospital affiliations, all publications, all clinical trials, and more to create rich profiles for your members to more easily find the best physician for their specific needs.

Adhere To Regulations

Health plans are under strict federal and state scrutiny to maintain accurate, up to date provider directories so members can easily find and contact the best physician for their needs. Avoid stiff financial penalties and lawsuits by complying with these regulations.


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