We make it easy to efficiently leverage unstructured data to gain key insights that power your business. Extract data from unstructured sources (emails, PDFs, websites, paper documents, etc), gain key insights through in-depth sentiment analysis, and efficiently manage data from multiple feeds with our entity-matching service.


Identify the sources

Do you have valuable data going to waste within emails, PDFs, paper documents, or other unstructured sources? We can help extract data from almost any source.


Apply technology

Depending on the source, we will leverage different, customized technology to extract the data properly.


Leverage your data

Once we’ve extracted the data, we can run in-depth analysis, deliver a clean dataset, or map it to your existing database.



Transform Unstructured Data

Many times the most useful insights can only be found in the most difficult to reach places - such as emails, PDFs, files, or paper documents. We help uncover and extract those insights within unstructured sources so you can leverage them properly.  


Natural Language Processing

Leverage the power of data science to efficiently extract data from text-based sources. Our algorithms are trained by domain experts to ensure high quality standards. Depending on your needs, we can create a clean database for you, map the new data to your existing database, or provide in-depth analysis.


Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment analysis is a data science technique that combines natural language processing, machine learning, and computational linguistics to determine the sentiment (or attitude) of the speaker. We’ve provided this analysis to help our customers gain crucial insights from emails, notes news articles, reports, and more.


Entity Matching

If you’re pulling in data from multiple sources, you probably know the challenges around mapping the different feeds to your master database. We ensure your data is normalized and matched properly so you can leverage it effectively.

Interested in how we can help you more efficiently process data from unstructured sources?